Microsoft’s Reid Hoffman Back at His Familiar Tactics

Reid Hoffman (pictured above), co-founder of LinkedIn and a director for its parent company Microsoft, and the mysterious groups he associates with, continue to pursue their personal and political goals utilizing secretive and/or sleazy tactics.

Last month we noticed the tech billionaire, who doesn’t mind throwing his weight around to get what he wants, was part of a secretive elitist cabal trying to buy up land in Solano County. The territory encompasses most of the key corridor between San Francisco and Sacramento — cities once noted for their Big Tech and state government presence, but now due to massive crime and homelessness thanks to liberal policies, would be more appropriately named “San Fransicko” and “Excremento.” Leftists like Hoffman and Laurene Powell Jobs were part of the wealthy lineup of investors who approached landowners with offers to buy in Solano County, in an effort to collect enough abutting property to build a “green” and “walkable” city.

The locals, many owning agricultural lots (Solano County’s geographical center is Vacaville, or “Cow Town”), were approached by neutral-sounding investors under the name Flannery Associates. Now those elitists behind the activity have been revealed, and have changed their name to “California Forever.” Residents aren’t amused, as The Daily Beast reports:

The tech billionaires who hid behind anonymity and nondisclosure agreements for six years while buying 62,000 acres in northern California to build some kind of utopian city have received a lesson in the importance of trust.


The lesson came on Monday evening as the Rio Vista City Council in Solano County considered an application for a conflict of interest waiver submitted by the law firm that represented the municipality for more than a decade.


Kronick, Moskovitz, Tiedemann, and Girard was seeking to also represent the land-grabbing billionaires’ concern…

Citizens showed up at a meeting of the city council to express their opposition to the city’s lawyers representing both taxpayers’ interests and the insurgent billionaires’ ambitions.

“Flannery acts unethically. I believe the way they have conducted themselves shows and reminds us that the ends don’t justify the means,” said 22-year-old Aiden Mayhood, whose family has farmed in the area for seven generations….


One question posed by several speakers at Monday’s meeting was why California Forever was not just using [its own] same big-shot law firm but is instead trying to retain the local one used by the city. [Citizen Al] Medvitz suggested an answer.


“Flannery is now trying to insinuate itself not just into local politics, but [also] in the administration of the city—city resources,” he told The Daily Beast….


Every one of a dozen speakers who offered public comment on Monday spoke against the waiver. And the city council was in unanimous agreement, voting 5-0 to reject it.

On the 2024 political front, Hoffman is taking his take-no-prisoners approach to the presidential campaign, where he and fellow Democrats are apparently nervous that a third-party candidate will draw much-needed votes from their Big Guy, incumbent Joe Biden. Politico reports:

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman convened a Zoom call with 30 other like-minded donors this week to address a persistent fear among national Democrats: Third-party candidates who could undercut Joe Biden’s campaign.


In particular, the donors on the line were worried about No Labels, a group that said it has raised millions to gain access to the ballot in at least 10 states for a potential presidential candidate. Hoffman and Matt Bennett, co-founder of the centrist organization Third Way, argued during the meeting that not only is a third-party victory implausible but that independent candidates would inevitably hurt Biden, said one participant on the call, granted anonymity to discuss the issue candidly.


Hoffman has contributed $1.5 million to help with legal and political efforts to stop No Labels. But he and Bennett asked donors to pony up more, aiming to raise $3 million to $4 million total, the meeting participant said.


“Biden wins a head-to-head with Trump, so as long as we can hand him that, he can win. But [third-party candidates] will make it very hard,” Bennett said in an interview with POLITICO after the Wednesday meeting. “People are very focused on this threat.”

Familiar stuff for Hoffman. He has an unhealthy Trump obsession which, for example, led him to create a “Trumped Up Cards” game that he called “The World’s Biggest Deck,” and to label him “The Disease President.” Hoffman also secretly funded E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against the former president — one of many “lawfare” suits against the likely 2024 Republican presidential nominee.

Hoffman uses his power and money to protect his favored “mainstream” Democrats (think DC Uniparty graft kind of politicians) by attacking those on the left who would challenge such lawmakers. He has weighed in heavily in opposition to progressive candidates such as Bernie Sanders and so-called “Justice Democrats.” As one example, in response to an inquiry by CNBC last year, a Justice Democrats spokesman said, “Billionaire Reid Hoffman financing an extreme pro-NRA, anti-union, and anti-choice Democrat in Henry Cuellar’s candidacy in the name of ‘Mainstream Democrats’ is disgraceful.”

This is the kind of ruthless political operative, one with deep pockets who sometimes enjoyed the company of the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, that Microsoft is apparently proud to have represent the company.




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