Will Microsoft Shareholders Re-elect the ‘Soros of Silicon Valley’ to the Board?

Hayden Ludwig, research director for the group Restoration of America, is out with a profile of LinkedIn co-founder and Microsoft director Reid Hoffman. The report goes into great detail about the Silicon Valley billionaire’s hyper-partisan political activities, which include a heavy dose of Trump Derangement Syndrome. From the report:

His is hardly a household name. Yet Reid Hoffman, best known for co-founding the professional networking site LinkedIn, has rapidly become one of the Left’s top patrons of political activism to rival George Soros, Bill Gates, and eBay’s Pierre Omidyar. Since 2016, this mega-donor has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into Democratic campaigns, leftist advocacy groups, and efforts to indict President Trump, with much more to come in 2024.


And that’s to say nothing of his ties to notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.


Hoffman is no “moderate” content with defeating the former president. His primary funding vehicle, Investing in US, exists to spur “massive voter turnout” for Democrats to defeat the Republican Party’s—not Donald Trump’s—“white nationalist fascism,” likening all conservatives to “authoritarian criminals such as Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin . . . [for] actively undermining the legitimacy of our free press, our courts, our elections, and our scientific institutions.”


All Republicans, Hoffman’s group alleges, “have systematically and asymmetrically engaged in dirty tricks and brutal hardball to seize and hold power”—so he’s committed a fortune to wiping them out at the polls, meddling in the 2024 Republican primary, and playing dirty himself.

For these reasons and many others, National Legal and Policy Center has called for the removal of Hoffman from Microsoft’s board. The company’s shareholder meeting is on Thursday, where we are sponsoring a shareholder proposal and have also asked our fellow investors — in an extensive report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission — to vote against Hoffman as a director.

Hayden Ludwig’s thorough profile further makes the case that Hoffman has neither the proper judgment nor the temperament to help steer the direction of a major technology company such as Microsoft. Read his full report here.




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