Warren Buffett Sued by Shareholder Who Was Arrested at 2023 Shareholders’ Meeting for Raising Gates/Epstein Issue

National Legal and Policy Center has filed a federal lawsuit in Omaha against Berkshire Hathaway and its Chairman, Warren Buffett.

The lawsuit, seeking monetary damages, stems from actions taken by the company during last year’s shareholders’ meeting where NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty raised the issue of the reputational risk to the company posed by Buffett holding the posts of both Chairman and CEO. Flaherty cited Buffett’s strong public identification with Bill Gates, and Gates’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Flaherty had his microphone shut off, was ejected from the arena, and was arrested. Charges against Flaherty were quickly dropped by the local prosecutor.

“Warren Buffett’s and Berkshire’s outrageous and unprecedented conduct will not go unanswered,” said Paul Kamenar, counsel to NLPC.

Flaherty is scheduled again to speak on Saturday at this year’s Berkshire shareholder’s meeting in support of NLPC’s proposal that Berkshire disclose the risks of its investments in China.

Click here for the Complaint.

Watch below for a recap of the incident at last year’s meeting.




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