Jamie Tovar

Jamie Tovar is NLPC Development Director. Raised in the heart of the Washington DC Establishment, Jamie was weaned on politics and public policy. Son of a legendary Intelligence Officer, Hugh Tovar, he grew up in the DC suburb of Bethesda as well as overseas in Indonesia, Laos and Thailand where his father served as CIA Chief of Station.

As the Tovars were JFK Democrats, Jamie served early on for Democratic Party candidates such as Vice President Walter Mondale and a US Senate candidate, Linda Kushner, among others. By the mid-90s he saw the Party moving further leftward and realized he was then a Conservative. After working in the nonprofit sector for the AARP and the National Older Worker Career Center, Jamie turned to the private sector, raising private equity financing for pre-IPO tech startups and independent film production companies.

After many years in sales management and investor relations, Jamie felt he had to plunge back into his true love that is public policy. So he said good-bye to a decidedly decaying California and headed home to Washington. Jamie became NLPC Development Director in January 2020 where he has since contributed to a 100% increase in annual donor support and developed enriching friendships with scores of NLPC supporters.


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