DAILY MAIL: Chloe Cole to Challenge Disney Over ‘Destructive Gender Ideology’

On Wednesday, Chloe Cole (pictured above), patient advocate for medical accountability activist group Do No Harm, will present NLPC’s shareholder proposal at the annual meeting for The Walt Disney Company. DailyMail.com previewed the event in an article published today:

Cole, 19, who famously underwent sex change procedures as a child but later regretted them, will address Disney’s board and CEO Bob Iger about its ‘discriminatory’ healthcare plan, says the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC).


The conservative nonprofit is also a shareholder in Disney.


In a shareholder proposal, NLPC says the entertainment giant’s healthcare plan covers sex change procedures, but offers nothing to those like Cole who later regret them and seek to ‘de-transition.’


‘Disney acts as if people like me don’t exist,’ Cole said in a statement.

Read the full article at DailyMail.com.

Read a commentary about the proposal by NLPC’s Paul Chesser at the New York Post.

An earlier opinion piece by Chesser can be read at Real Clear Markets.

NLPC filed a proxy memo last month with the Securities and Exchange Commission in support of the shareholder proposal, which can be read here.

Learn more in NLPC’s one-minute video:




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