WATCH: NLPC & Do No Harm Call Out Disney Over Gender Ideology

Today, National Legal and Policy Center presented a “Gender-Based Compensation Gaps and Associated Risks” proposal at The Walt Disney Company‘s annual shareholder meeting, which would require the company to investigate its employee pay and benefits policies to determine how and where they are discriminatory — primarily against de-transitioners, who are individuals that attempt to switch from the sex they were born with, and then desire to return to their original bodily conditions. Most who have undergone chemical, medical or surgical treatments to alter their bodies, cannot then find care or insurance coverage to try to switch back.

Disney’s board of directors opposed our proposal, as explained on pages 104-105 of the company’s proxy statement. NLPC’s response to the board’s opposition statement was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last month.

Presenting the proposal at the meeting on behalf of NLPC was Chloe Cole, patient advocate for medical accountability group Do No Harm. Watch her deliver her remarks here:


A transcript of her two-minute remarks, which you can also listen to here, follows:

Good morning.


I am Chloe Cole, patient advocate for Do No Harm, a group that seeks accountability in the medical profession.


I am presenting Proposal Number 7 titled “Report on Gender Transitioning Compensation and Benefits,” sponsored by National Legal and Policy Center.


Disney pays for gender transition interventions, but not detransitioning care.


Therefore, the Company discriminates based on gender identity, under EEOC regulations.


I speak from personal experience, as someone who was deceived and physically harmed at a young age by gender ideology, validated by the medical industry, and pushed to the masses by corporations like Disney.


Influenced by modern media and social networks, I began a transition to male at age 12.


By age 16, after practitioners I trusted encouraged me to take puberty blockers and get a double mastectomy, I tried to come back to reality.


But it was too late.


My body has been irreversibly damaged, and years later, my chest is still In bandages.


My doctors have abandoned me. New Doctors look and shrug.


As a result, I am suing those professionals who steered me into taking these destructive steps that have permanently scarred me.


But Disney, in its arrogance, has responded to our proposal by stating that I am only trying to “generate attention” for a “limited agenda.”


Mr. Iger, Disney, under your watch is pushing the “limited agenda” of gender ideology.


Disney has become the Ursula that is stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariel’s across the world, by telling us we can be something that we can never become.


The lawsuits are coming, sir.


It’s only a matter of time before current or past employees, whose bodies and lives have been irreversibly harmed, will show up at your door looking for justice and restitution.


Please vote FOR Proposal Number 7.

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