NLPC in NYPost: Disney Won’t Help Detransitioners

NLPC’s Paul Chesser, director of the Corporate Integrity Project, has a piece on the opinion page of the New York Post today which explains our shareholder proposal for The Walt Disney Company, which calls upon the company to provide equitable health insurance coverage for individuals who were deceived by gender ideology, tried to change their sex medically or surgically, and want to be restored to their original conditions.

An excerpt:

Does Disney care about more about the praise of transgender activists or the pain of its employees and their family, including children?


The answer will become clear at the company’s April 3 annual meeting, when shareholders vote on a proposal my organization filed.


We’re asking the company, which has famously associated itself with the gender-ideology movement, to stop ignoring the significant medical needs of those who’ve tried to reverse their sex transitions.


We want the entertainment giant to explain why its health insurance doesn’t include coverage for people who attempt to detransition.


It’s a matter of equal treatment that especially matters as more Americans pursue sex changes they end up regretting, a trend Disney strengthened by so publicly aligning itself with the transgender cause.

Read the full commentary at the New York Post.

An earlier opinion piece by Chesser can be read at Real Clear Markets.

NLPC filed a proxy memo earlier this month with the Securities and Exchange Commission in support of our shareholder proposal, which can be read here.

Learn more in NLPC’s one-minute video, which explains its plans to speak in support of the proposal at Disney’s annual meeting on Wednesday, April 3.




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