NLPC Commentary: Companies Have Boxed Themselves in on Gender Ideology

Writing today for RealClearMarkets, Paul Chesser, director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project, explains the reasoning behind our shareholder proposals that will be considered at the upcoming annual meetings for Disney (proposal), Johnson & Johnson (proposal), and PepsiCo (proposal):

In the past a multitude of shareholder proposals from liberal investors have called upon companies to re-examine their employee compensation practices, alleging that they are inequitable across race and/or gender categories.


The impression these activists want to convey is that corporate leaders engage in pay discrimination against minorities, women, and other “marginalized” workers…


So as conservative-leaning shareholder activists, my organization decided to use the progressive investors’ construct. In the process, we are coming to the defense of a truly damaged class of individuals: de-transitioners


De-transitioners are individuals who have suffered gender dysphoria, and were steered by their medical and psychological practitioners to drastic, body-altering procedures and surgeries in attempts to change to the opposite biological sex….


Hence our organization’s shareholder proposals, which call upon three companies … to re-assess their discriminatory pay and benefits practices that exclude de-transitioners from the care that they need.

As you might suspect, there is a bigger picture behind NLPC’s proposals. Read the full commentary at RealClearMarkets.




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