Special Counsel Designation is ‘Papering Over Weiss’ Ineptitude’

Fred Lucas in the Daily Signal details how the designation of U.S. Attorney David Weiss as a Special Counsel appears to violate Justice Department rules because he is not independent.

House Republicans are sure to further scrutinize Weiss and his staff, who have spent the past five years collaborating with Hunter Biden and his attorneys to cover-up Hunter’s crimes, now that Weiss has an even more important task, namely covering up the crimes of President Biden. From the story:

The Biden Justice Department isn’t likely to bend to the will of Republican members of Congress, and House committees will have to subpoena Garland and Weiss, said Paul Kamenar, counsel to the National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group.


“We don’t mind appointing a U.S. attorney or former U.S. attorney, but it should be someone from Chicago or Colorado, with a fresh set of eyes,” Kamenar told The Daily Signal. “This appointment was really about papering over Weiss’ ineptitude and giving an excuse for [his] not testifying. But he’s also just not qualified to be special counsel, because he’s clearly not independent.”

Also from the article:

Hunter Biden’s former lawyer, Chris Clark, who quit Tuesday, had argued after Garland appointed Weiss that functionally he already was acting as special counsel.


“For years, both Mr. Weiss and the department have assured us and the public that Mr. Weiss had more authority than a special counsel and full authority to negotiate a resolution of his investigation—which has been done,” Clark said in a written statement last week, referring to Garland’s appointment of Weiss as special counsel.


The National Legal and Policy Center’s Kamenar questioned the comment that Weiss previously “had more authority” than a special  counsel, asking: “Does that mean [Weiss] now has less authority?”

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