IRS Complaint Filed Against ‘Fix the Court;’ Group Targeted Clarence Thomas

NLPC has filed a Complaint with the IRS against Fix the Court, a nonprofit that has attacked Justice Clarence Thomas for alleged financial disclosure violations, for paying its Executive Director Gabe Roth an excessive compensation in violation of IRS rules.

Fix the Court was originally a project of the New Venture Fund, a nonprofit group managed by the for-profit Arabella Advisors, the largest left-wing dark money network in the United States. In 2022, it paid Roth $162,138, which was over 80 percent of the group’s revenue of $195,000.  In 2021, it paid him $79,746.  The IRS prohibits nonprofits from paying their officers excessive compensation based on several factors, including the amount of revenue.

“Fix the Court doubled the salary of its Executive Director in 2022, yet its revenue actually decreased from the year before,” said Paul Kamenar, NLPC’s counsel who filed the complaint. “The IRS should revoke their tax-exempt status of the group or at a minimum, impose an Excess Benefit Tax up to 25% on the amount of the compensation on the Executive Director and its Board of Directors who approved the compensation,” Kamenar added.

“Fix the Court is a one-man operation that is flaunting IRS rules,” said Peter Flaherty, Chairman of NLPC.

Click here for the Complaint.

Click here for a Washington Examiner article by Gabe Kaminsky.




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