Ben & Jerry’s Sues Unilever Over Sale of Business in Israel

Following last week’s sale by Unilever of the rights to manufacture and sell Ben & Jerry’s products in Israel to its longtime local franchisee, the “independent” board of directors for the ice cream maker is suing its parent company over the decision.

From the New York Post:

Ben & Jerry’s filed suit against its parent company Unilever on Tuesday in an effort to block its sale of the Vermont-based brand’s Israel business to a local franchisee.


The left-leaning ice cream brand, which is known for championing liberal causes, alleged in a complaint filed in US District Court in Manhattan that Unilever’s “unilateral decision” was made without board consent.


The ice cream company said an injunction blocking the sale was “essential to preserve the status quo and protect the brand and social integrity Ben & Jerry’s has spent decades building.”


Ben & Jerry’s board of directors voted 5-2 last Friday to authorize a legal filing against Unilever, according to details included in the brand’s complaint. The dissenters were two directors appointed by Unilever.


The company asked a federal judge to block the transfer of Ben & Jerry’s trademark and brand rights to any entity that would sell the product or use its logo in the West Bank without prior board approval.

The lawsuit proves Ben & Jerry’s remains wedded to the anti-semitic BDS movement, to the point of making its relationship with its parent company increasingly hostile.



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