Leftist Vox Says Bud Light, Target Boycotts are ‘Kind of Working’

Yesterday leftist website Vox published a piece that stated, to writer Emily Stewart’s surprise, “the conservative boycott playbook is kind of working.”

Citing past efforts that have failed — like targeting Nike over Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling for the national anthem, or liberals calling for a boycott of Goya products in response to CEO Robert Unanue’s support for Donald Trump — Stewart notes that the conservative efforts to hurt the bottom lines of InBev’s Bud Light and Target Corporation are having an effect. From the article:

Bud Light’s decision to embark on a small-scale marketing campaign with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney sparked vast outrage on the right this spring. It cost the company millions of dollars in sales and ultimately contributed to Bud Light’s dethroning as the most popular beer in the country.


Then, over the summer, conservatives took aim at Target and its annual Pride collection. Many called for a boycott of the retailer, and some consumers took to going into Target stores to destroy displays and harass employees. Target’s earnings were down for the second quarter. While the Pride backlash wasn’t the only or main issue in play, in an earnings call, a company executive cited “the strong reaction to this year’s Pride assortment” as headwinds during the period. Target now says it’s going to “pause, adapt, and learn” so that its future approach to Pride “balances celebration, inclusivity, and broad-based appeal.”…


Conservatives aren’t winning every battle with corporate America…However, it does appear that they’re onto something on some fronts. They are managing to hit a few companies where it hurts at least somewhat — on their balance sheets — and are getting them to change their behavior.


The energy on the right is having a chilling effect across corporate America. Activists have a figurative gun, they want to keep hunting, and CEOs know it.

Corporate leaders for a long time only feared the bullying tactics of the Left. If a site like Vox sees that the blowback against “woke” is making a difference, then it really is working — and not just “kind of.”




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