FOX NEWS: Whale of a Lawsuit Threatens Biden’s Wind Mandate

Writing for, Fred Lucas explains the lawsuit against the Biden administration and Dominion Energy that was filed by NLPC, CFACT and The Heartland Institute, over the protection of whale species from destruction of their Atlantic Ocean habitat by offshore wind development. An excerpt:

The lawsuit names the Interior Department, the Commerce Department, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the National Marine Fisheries Service, top officials at those agencies and the Virginia-based energy company Dominion, which plans to start construction of the project on May 1.


“On one hand, the Biden administration says you have to have renewable energy, but in the process, the windmills have an environmental impact, not only on whales but on birds that get chopped up by the windmills,” Paul Kamenar, counsel for the National Legal and Policy Center, told Fox News Digital. “Our position is that it’s a larger issue than the environment, but relying on windmills is also an economic issue that will cost consumers and make energy less reliable.”…


The complaint accuses the National Marine Fisheries Service of having a “biological opinion” from September 2023 that only looked at how the wind projects would individually affect the North Atlantic right whale. The plaintiffs say the agency should have done a comprehensive analysis looking at the combined impact of the projects.


“The agencies haven’t taken into account the cumulative effect up and down the coast,” said Kamenar.

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