Cronyism Is Well and Alive at Boston Retirement Board, Union

The Boston Retirement Board has a reputation for taking a long time making decisions.  In fact, this public-employee entity has allowed nearly 100 disability cases to pile up.  An unexpected stroke of good luck may speed things up.  If nothing else, it has given additional ammunition for an ongoing probe of the board and a close labor ally, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 718.  On August 6, the Boston Herald reported that the board turned down a disability retirement claim by a union member, Albert Arroyo.  The claim might have been approved had it not been for a YouTube video captured for posterity.


Arroyo, a Boston fireman, had filed a claim with the board, maintaining that he’d suffered career-ending back injuries on the job.  But Arroyo had a parallel career as a bodybuilder.  And not long after filing his claim, he Read More ➡

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