Merrick Garland and the Capitol Bomber

NLPC Counsel Paul Kamenar has an opinion article appearing today on Townhall:

We now learn that Attorney General Merrick Garland took weeks to decide whether to issue a search warrant and unleash 30 FBI agents to search Mar-a-Lago for national security and classified documents that allegedly were not turned over last spring, casting doubt on both the urgency of the search and the excuse for not using less drastic means to get the documents.


If “equal justice under law” is the principle, (putting aside Hillary Clinton getting a pass on her blatant misuse of classified documents), Garland has yet to explain why, as Chief Judge of the D.C. Circuit, he rubber-stamped the dismissal of an indictment requested by Eric Holder’s DOJ prosecutors in 2009 against Elizabeth Duke, a member of the radical May 19th communist terror group that bombed the U.S. Senate Chambers in 1983.

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