Media is Also ‘Intentionally Clueless’ About Chinese Payments to Bidens

From my op-ed today on titled “Media Is Hostage to Reality About Bidens”:

There was nothing surprising about President Biden’s debate performance. Nothing. To anyone who paid even passing attention to the news in the preceding months, which is just about everyone, there was nothing out of character. Biden had appeared out of it, drifted off mid-sentence, forgot or mispronounced names and words, read teleprompter cues as if they were part of his remarks, stared into space with mouth agape, wandered off, and fell down.


So why the professions of shock at the debate, especially among the media? It can only be explained as a form of mass media myopia. As Jill Abrahamson, a former executive editor at the New York Times, says, “I worry that too many journalists didn’t try to get the story because they did not want to be accused of helping elect Donald Trump.” But even this burst of candor suffers from delusion. There was no story “to get.” Reporting Biden’s decline would have only been stating the obvious.


There is an even more consequential myopia about Biden that the debate debacle has done nothing to undermine. It is the even more inconvenient reality that the President and his family have been on the payroll of China for many years. Even as House Republicans, led by the House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), carefully assembled and released whatever evidence they could pry loose from banks around the world, they were dismissed by the White House and much of the media as “House Republicans.”

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