Where is Microsoft’s Investigation of Advertising Blacklist?

Gabe Kaminsky in the Washington Examiner reports:

Microsoft is stonewalling on providing key details about its touted “review” into the State Department-funded Global Disinformation Index after suspending its relationship with the self-styled British “disinformation” tracker earlier this year.

Also from the article:

The National Legal and Policy Center… filed a formal IRS complaint in early May against GDI’s two affiliated U.S. nonprofit groups, Disinformation Index and the AN Foundation, following the Washington Examiner revealing in April how the entities redacted large portions of their 2021 federal financial disclosure forms.

Click here to read the IRS Complaint.

Both U.S.-based groups are related to the London-based Global Disinformation Index (GDI) which seeks to get advertisers to stop placing ads on conservative websites by promoting a blacklist of outlets they deem to contain disinformation. The top-ten hit list includes the New York Post, Newsmax, the Federalist, the American Conservative, One America News, and the Washington Examiner, which did a recent series of hard-hitting stories exposing the censorship activities of GDI.

GDI is among groups that themselves have spread disinformation, including labeling as a discredited conspiracy the possibility that COVID originated in a lab. U.S intelligence agencies now do not discount the possibility. Moreover, GDI sought to discredit the New York Post and other publications that accurately reported on the Hunter Biden laptop.

It may be unrealistic to expect Big Tech companies to instantly to do a mea culpa on their wholesale suppression of speech but it is important to insist that they come clean. As more information is revealed about government/Big Tech collusion, and as the litigation it has provoked makes its way through the courts, the censorship regime will become less tenable. Censorship by private parties at the behest of government is as illegal and unconstitutional as direct government censorship. It is only a matter of time before the First Amendment is restored, but it will be a very hard fight along the way.




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