VIDEO: Hunter Biden Downloaded From Sister-in-Law’s Phone

Paul Kamenar, Counsel to the National Legal and Policy Center, analyzes a report that Hunter Biden downloaded voice mails, texts and digital information from his brother’s widow’s phone to his laptop.

The story was first reported by Andrew Kerr and Jerry Dunleavy in the Washington Examiner. From the story:

Paul Kamenar, an attorney with the National Legal and Policy Center, an ethics watchdog group, said the digital records showing Hunter Biden took data from his sister-in-law’s iPhones could expose him to criminal and civil liability if he did so without her consent.


“Hunter Biden’s downloading of voicemails, text messages, and other data from Hallie’s cellphone, if done without her permission, could expose him to both criminal and civil liability under federal and state law,” Kamenar told the Washington Examiner. “This would not be surprising behavior from someone who shows little regard for tax laws, drug laws, and other legal requirements.”



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