Former FBI Informant: Hunter Biden Art Sales a Great Way to Launder Money

A former Reagan administration official who also once was an FBI informant, paid to infiltrate neo-Nazi and KKK groups to track their illegal activities, sees something familiar in the fledgling-but-lucrative art career that Hunter Biden has embarked upon.

Todd Blodgett says he learned during his time monitoring extremists for federal law enforcement, “that transactions involving pricey artwork represent highly efficacious ways to launder money.”

Blodgett explained further in a commentary for the Des Moines Register:

On July 2, 2021, a painting created by Pablo Picasso in 1919 sold, at an auction in Massachusetts, for $150,000. Days later, it was revealed that paintings created by President Joe Biden’s errant son, Hunter, are being sold for as much as $500,000

On July 9, Walter Shaub — who, during the Obama-Biden administration, headed the Office of Government Ethics — told CNN that what the White House is doing to allow Hunter to sell his art represents “the perfect mechanism for funneling bribes” to Joe Biden.

Blodgett added that such laundering was even practiced by the Third Reich with property they stole from the Jews.

“In the exclusive realm of high-dollar art, transactions are often private, with subjective, easily manipulated pricing,” he explained. “In recent decades, as other means of cleaning up dirty cash have become less attractive, art has remained the most accommodating milieu for people who wish to anonymously, and legally, clean up dirty dough.”

Calling it another Biden “brazen, stupid scam,” Blodgett wonders, “Does Joe Biden think he’s impervious to the almost-certain negative consequences of Hunter’s latest pay-to-play scheme?”

Read Blodgett’s full commentary at the Des Moines Register.



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