Biden Documents at University of Delaware Must Be Searched for Classified Material

NLPC has called upon the Special Counsel to conduct a search of Joe Biden’s Senate records stored at the University of Delaware. The request follows revelations that additional classified documents were discovered Friday at President Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware, during a 13-hour search by the FBI. The documents reportedly include at least one document from the time that Biden served in the Senate.

In 2011, Biden donated a treasure trove of documents from his 36-year career in the U.S. Senate (January 1973-January 2009) that fills 1,875 boxes, and also includes 415 gigabytes of electronic records. During his Senate career, Biden was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee or its ranking member, and had access to many classified documents.

“The FBI needs to search the entire 14,000-square-foot Penn Biden Center where classified documents were found by his private attorneys searching only Biden’s private office on November 2nd. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who served as managing director also had an office there. The FBI also needs to search Biden’s Senate records stored at the University of Delaware,” said NLPC Counsel Paul Kamenar.

“This scavenger hunt for classified documents has been a total farce and insult to the American people,” said Peter Flaherty, Chairman of NLPC. “The House Oversight Committee, Special Counsel, and NLPC’s FOIA investigation need to get to the bottom of Biden’s mishandling classified information.”

NLPC has also criticized the handling of this matter by Biden’s private attorneys, who are not cleared to review classified information and who may have tainted evidence of a crime with their fingerprints and mishandling.  A major question remains unanswered: Why did Biden decide two years after he occupied the White House to move his office at the Biden Center, and why hire expensive private attorneys to do so instead of Biden Center staff?

Other locations that Biden occupied since leaving office in January 2017 should also be searched. He first had a temporary transition office set up by GSA near the White House. Then a temporary Penn Biden Center facility was opened mid-town in Washington, D.C., before the office was opened in February 2018 near the Capitol. Biden also rented a 12,000-square-foot mansion in McLean, Virginia at $20,000 a month after he left the White House, about twice the size of his home Wilmington, Delaware.

NLPC has investigated the Biden Center since early 2020 and its funding by Chinese donations, much of it anonymous. NLPC filed a complaint with the Department of Education in May 2020 and with the Department of Justice that both Hunter Biden and the Biden Center should be registered as a foreign agent with China under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.




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