SURVEY: Disney, Target, BlackRock Top List of ‘Most Woke’ Companies

The Lion, an online publication of the Herzog Foundation, reported yesterday about an annual survey conducted by the American Conservative Values ETF, in which it asks its investors to “nominate their top three most woke liberal S&P 500 companies,” with the prompt, “which companies are the most antithetical to your conservative ideals, beliefs, and values?”

Topping the list from the survey results were Disney, Target and Blackrock. From the article:

Shareholder activist Paul Chesser, director of the Corporate Integrity Project at the National Legal and Policy Center, says corporations have not yet learned the lesson that business and politics don’t mix.


“Too many companies still have not abandoned ‘woke’ because they still believe in it,” Chesser told The Lion. “The lessons of Bud Light, Target and Disney have not resonated enough and have not hit home for many of them — yet.”


Chesser said that some companies, such as Blackrock, have “muted” their progressive rhetoric, but that hasn’t changed their commitment to carrying the water for leftist ideologues.


“Whatever accountability there is being applied and that is effective, as of right now, is through consumer responses as in the case with Bud Light, whose latest setback came during the Super Bowl,” said Chesser.

Read the full article at The Lion website.




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