PepsiCo Confronted Over (De)Trans Discrimination at Annual Meeting

This morning, National Legal and Policy Center presented a “Gender-Based Compensation Gaps and Associated Risks” proposal at PepsiCo Inc.‘s annual shareholder meeting (Chairman/CEO Ramon Laguarta pictured above), which would require the company to investigate its employee pay and benefits policies to determine how and where they are discriminatory — primarily against de-transitioners, who are individuals that attempt to switch from the sex they were born with, and then desire to return to their original bodily conditions. Most who have undergone chemical, medical or surgical treatments to alter their bodies, cannot then find care or insurance coverage to try to switch back.

The company’s board of directors opposed our proposal, as explained on page 96 of the company’s proxy statement. NLPC’s response to the board’s opposition statement was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission last month.

Speaking as sponsor of the proposal was Paul Chesser, director of NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project. His three-minute remarks can be heard here, and a transcript follows:

Good morning.


Shareholder Proposal Number 6 asks for PepsiCo to investigate discrimination against workers who were deceived by gender ideology, which is embedded in the Company’s employment policies and health insurance coverage.


Such misled individuals are encouraged to undergo so-called “gender affirmation” procedures, which in most cases are irreversible body disfigurations, which they later come to regret.


These victims, called “detransitioners,” who then want their bodies restored to their original conditions, consistently say they cannot find the care that they need, nor insurance to repair the damage done to their bodies.


For many reasons, PepsiCo is complicit in the scandalous mistreatment of these workers.


PepsiCo brags about its 100-percent score on the radical Human Rights Campaign’s so-called Corporate Equality Index.


PepsiCo has also boasted about its designation by Human Rights Campaign as a “Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.”


PepsiCo “earned” this 100-percent Human Rights Campaign score largely by backing these body-altering procedures, including in its employee health insurance coverage, to meet HRC’s criteria.


Worse, PepsiCo brags that its benefits coverage aligns with the so-called “Standards of Care” established by the “World Professional Association of Transgender Health,” or “W-PATH.”


But aligning your Company with this group is nothing that PepsiCo should brag about.


Within the last couple of months, whistleblowers have leaked internal documents of the medical policy-setters within W-PATH, and it reveals deeply disturbing discussions and decisions.


For one, patients with severe mental health issues, such as schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder, have been allowed to consent to life-altering hormonal and surgical interventions without fully understanding the consequences.


Also, W-PATH doctors show lack of consideration for long-term patient outcomes, despite being aware of the debilitating and potentially fatal side effects of cross-sex hormones and other treatments.


And paging Dr. Frankenstein: W-PATH surgeons also discussed performing non-binary surgeries, to create body types that do not exist in nature.


In case you were wondering, yes, PepsiCo provides these kinds of body transitioning services in its health insurance coverage, even for employees’ child dependents.


W-PATH is who PepsiCo brags about following with its health insurance coverage policies.


This is what PepsiCo is proud of, when it talks about LGBTQ “equality.”


As a result, it shouldn’t be long before the lawsuits arrive at the Company’s headquarters, if they haven’t already.


And then the consequences will start coming out of shareholder assets.


Please vote FOR Proxy Item Number Six.

Read NLPC’s shareholder proposal for the PepsiCo annual meeting here.

Listen to Paul Chesser’s presentation of the proposal at the meeting here.

Read NLPC’s response, filed with the SEC, to the company’s opposition to our shareholder proposal, here.

NLPC sponsored a nearly identical proposal which was presented last month at The Walt Disney Company, and produced a one-minute video to preview the meeting presentation, which you can watch below:




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