Microsoft Pals Bill Gates & Reid Hoffman Team Up … AGAIN?

Ya don’t say:

A San Francisco venture capital firm appointed a new chairman, while announcing a new fund backed by some of the biggest names in tech.


Village Global appointed LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman as its chairman, just a few months after he stepped down as general partner of Greylock Partners, a firm which backed LinkedIn early on and which Hoffman joined in 2009.


The firm also announced via X, formerly known as Twitter, a new $250 million fund backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Dell CEO Michael Dell and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

In the past, Gates talked Hoffman into selling LinkedIn to Microsoft instead of Salesforce.

He also wanted Hoffman on the Microsoft board of directors “to help formally guide the company,” according to Business Insider.

Jeffrey Epstein

We think that was a bad idea. We also think associations with Gates create a bad impression. Both Gates and Hoffman have shown significantly bad judgment in the past, especially as it pertains to visits to Jeffrey Epstein‘s Pedophile Island.

As for Schmidt, he reportedly operated (operates?) amongst lady friends under the auspices of an “open” marriage, all while an alleged “womanizing” culture existed at Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Why do these hints of sleaze keep following so many Big Tech elites, and why do they continually get elevated to positions of authority and power despite such dubious ethics and judgment?

(Pictured above: Bill Gates & Reid Hoffman)




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