‘Indiana Jones’ Flop a Reminder of Why NLPC Called for Disney Board Overhaul

The new, low-budget film “Sound of Freedom” surpassed Disney’s “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” — which itself was released just ahead of the Independence Day long weekend — as the top-grossing movie on July 4. Fox News reports:

The action film starring Jim Caviezel is based on the true story of former federal agent Tim Ballard and his mission to save children from human trafficking. On its first day, the film took the number one spot at the box office, grossing over $14 million through “pay it forward” and direct box office sales.


The film has reportedly earned nearly all of its budget back on its opening day…


“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny”… played in nearly 2,000 more theaters and had a reported budget of $295 million. The franchise sequel took in $11 million and the second-place slot on July 4.

“Dial of Destiny” has been a box-office disappointment for Disney, opening to a meager $60 million. The film has been criticized for its “woke” portrayal of the beloved lead character. According to a review from BBC’s Nicholas Barber:

I’m not sure how many fans want to see Indiana Jones as a broken, helpless old man who cowers in the corner while his patronizing goddaughter takes the lead, but that’s what we’re given, and it’s as bleak as it sounds.

In March, before Disney’s annual meeting, National Legal and Policy Center filed a Notice of Exempt Solicitation report with the Securities and Exchange Commission against the re-election of Disney’s Board of Directors:

The Walt Disney Company, under the guidance of the existing Board – that for the most part has been renominated by the Company – has underperformed the S&P 500…


Disney’s re-nominated Board members have presided over the degradation of the company’s reputation and its intellectual/creative properties; and have allowed the Company’s wholly unnecessary involvement in divisive political issues that drive away customers and audiences…


Disney bends over backwards to accommodate its radical progressive employees and their agendas, bashing American history and values, while at the same time bowing to brutal communist dictatorial regimes abroad…


The Board’s recommended return of nearly all its current members is unacceptable considering the Company’s poor performance, including its political activism and resultant brand degradation, and its CEO succession failure…


The Board’s significant failures must not be rewarded with 100 percent reelection.

Instead, Disney has chosen to continue down the unprofitable path of inserting divisive political issues into its films.

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