Florida to Start Its Divestment from Unilever, Ben & Jerry’s

Time’s up for Unilever and subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s in Florida: The company was given 90 days, according to state law, to rescind its intended boycott of Israel‘s “occupied territories.”

Now the Sunshine State will move forward with its divestment process. From The Center Square:

Florida will stop investing in a British-based global conglomerate because it has failed to stop Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a subsidiary it controls, from following through with its plan to stop selling products in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories by year’s end.


The Florida State Board of Administration (SBA), which manages investments for Florida’s pension and hurricane catastrophe funds, among other state assets, has invested $139 million in Unilever PLC as part of the state’s $200 billion portfolio…


Gov. Ron DeSantis (pictured) directed Florida State Board of Administration (SBA) Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer Ash Williams to place Ben & Jerry’s and Unilever PLC on the state’s list of “Scrutinized Companies” and gave it 90 days to change its policy.


That deadline is Tuesday.

After several other states have made similar moves to divest, Unilever still has stuck to its support of Ben & Jerry’s decision.



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