Flaherty: Trust Market, Not Barney Frank

NLPC President Peter Flaherty debates Rep. Barney Frank’s legislation to address systemic risk of banks that are “too big to fail” with Christopher Hayes of The Nation; CNBC’s Steve Liesman; and CNBC hosts Larry Kudlow and Trish Regan. At about the 2:00 mark, Flaherty enters discussion.… Read More ➡ “Flaherty: Trust Market, Not Barney Frank”

Flaherty: Rangel Dirty Even After Coming Clean

October 8, 2009- CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports on the House Ethics Committee expansion of its investigation of House Ways and Means Chairman Charles Rangel (D-NY). Joining Cooper are CNN Senior Congressional Correspondents Dana Bash and Joe Johns, as well as NLPC President Peter Flaherty. Click here for 4-page pdf transcript.… Read More ➡ “Flaherty: Rangel Dirty Even After Coming Clean”

Flaherty: Obama Olympic Trip Shows ‘Misplaced Priorities’

NLPC President Peter Flaherty is interviewed as part of a Hearst-Argyle TV report on President Obama’s trip to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago’s Olympic bid. Flaherty said, “I think it is unseemly. We have a war in Afghanistan and unemployment approaching ten percent. It could be a case of misplaced priorities.”… Read More ➡ “Flaherty: Obama Olympic Trip Shows ‘Misplaced Priorities’”

Flaherty: ACORN is ‘Big Laundromat’ for Money

On September 25, NLPC President Peter Flaherty is interviewed on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight as part of a report by Ines Ferre on ACORN’s money flows between nonprofits, political groups and for-profit entities.

Flaherty said, “It looks like ACORN and its affiliates could be one big laundromat. Government money goes in, foundation money goes in, and it comes out as political action and into the pockets of those people running ACORN.” Click here to download 2-page pdf transcriptRead More ➡ “Flaherty: ACORN is ‘Big Laundromat’ for Money”

Flaherty Warns of White House Plan to Mine Social Network Data

On September 17, 2009, NLPC President Peter Flaherty is interviewed as part of a CNN report by Ines Ferre on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Flaherty warns of a White House New Media office plan to harvest data from social networking websites. NLPC exposed the plan on August 31, 2009. Click here to download a 2-page pdf transcript.


White House Plan to Mine Social Networks is Dangerous Because of Scope, Secrecy and Context

CNN ‘Expert’ Lamely Claims to ‘Debunk’ NLPC on White House Data Harvesting on Social Networks

Obama White House Has Secret Plan To Harvest Personal Data From Social Networking Websites

Read More ➡ “Flaherty Warns of White House Plan to Mine Social Network Data”

Flaherty: ‘Deeper Scandal’ is ACORN Finances

On CNN’s Lou Dobbs program, reporter Bill Tucker explores the relationships between New York politicians who earmark tax money for ACORN front groups, and the subsequent campaign help they receive from ACORN.

NLPC President Peter Flaherty notes that ACORN is under investigation for voter registration fraud but “the deeper scandal” is ACORN finances. For a transcript, click here.


New York ACORN Front Group Based in New Orleans Gets Taxpayer Money

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