ABC’s Stossel Exposes Hollywood Hypocrisy

The Mar. 1 edition of ABC News’ 20/20 ran troubling story about double standards in the Screen Actor Guild.  The segment was by John Stossel and was entitled “Screen Actors Guild bans little actors who crossed picket line but not stars.” Excerpts from the segment’s transcript are below:

“BARBARA WALTERS, co-host: Now a true Hollywood story starring George Clooney, Elizabeth Hurley, Shaquille O’Neal and Mario Barbieri.  Who?  Well he’s the struggling actor who could have used a break, which has John Stossel saying, GIVE ME A BREAK!

JOHN STOSSEL reporting: Right, Barbara, and if this story had a typical Hollywood ending, the little guy would win.  But in real life, Mario got no break because he had to deal with the Actor’s Union. Remember that well-publicized strike by the Screen Actors Guild? . . . SAG claimed big corporations were underpaying actors.

WILLIAM DANIELS (Former President, SAG): (At rally) It’s …