A123 Systems: The Next Solyndra?

NLPC Associate Fellow Paul Chesser was a guest Monday on The Willis Report on the Fox Business Network. Here’s a transcript:

Gerri Willis: Another company falling under the headlines – the next Solyndra. Why one battery maker may be headed towards bankruptcy and what it got from taxpayers. Coming up.

Gerri Willis: After a $249 million dollar stimulus grant from the federal government you would think electric car battery maker, A123 systems would be in great financial shape. So, then, why is it being dubbed the next Solyndra? Here to weigh in is Paul Chesser an associate fellow for the National Legal and Policy Center and Robert Bryce, a senior fellow for the Manhattan Institute. Robert, let’s start with you. What the heck is wrong with this company? I mean, you look at this. They got all kinds of federal …