Nick Balzano

Pennsylvania Local SEIU Chieftain, Several Others Resign Following Boy Scout Brouhaha

SEIU logoUnions understandably resent competition from non-joining workers. And their members do what they can, legally or not, to discourage it. But a local Pennsylvania affiliate of the Service Employees International Union may have taken things too far in allegedly threatening to sue an Eagle Scout. In the wake of bad publicity, its president has resigned. On Thursday, May 19, Nick Balzano, president of the Allentown chapter of New York City's SEIU Local 32BJ, along with several other union employees, submitted a letter of resignation only a day after reported that the union might file a grievance against the City of Allentown for allowing a teenager to clear brush to create a walking trail. While SEIU headquarters denied a formal grievance had been filed, the resignations cast an unfavorable shadow upon the union either way.

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