Calif. Unions Find Loophole through Landrum-Griffin

Los Angeles union chief Miguel Contreras and other union officials have tapped Hollywood studios, energy companies and other large corporations for hefty donations to finance its activities over the last eight years. In doing so, they have apparently found a loophole in the Landrum-Griffin Act, reports the Los Angles Times.


Created in 1997 to conduct voter registration, educate voters and campaign for ballot measures, the Voter Improvement Program (VIP) had the advantage of being able to receive unlimited donations. Unions have not been able to directly receive corporate donations for almost 60 years, as a result of congressional reaction to corruption scandals. 


Though Contreras and other VIP officials say the organization is independent of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the group’s agenda closely mirrors that of organized labor.  In the last several years, VIP fought for a living wage measure in Santa Monica