Alcoa Workers in Ohio Accuse Union of Suppressing Dissent

The leaders of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers don’t like it when workers leave their union.  And they seem intent on exacting a high price upon those who go their own way.  But in two member employees at Alcoa’s Cleveland plant, Mark Bedenik and Matthew Slatten, the IAM may have met its match.  On March 26, the pair filed an unfair labor practice charge, the third in less than a month, against the union.  Aided by attorneys from the Springfield, Va.-based National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Bedenik and Slatten alleged that the union retaliated in various illegal ways in response to inquiries about their retaining employment without formal membership. 


Ohio is a non-Right to Work state.  That is, unions may force a “security agreement” upon an employer there, effectively requiring termination of any non-joining employee who fails to