Scott Brown Victory Is Reaction to Obama’s Corruption of Democracy

Scott Brown photoIn recent days, Barack Obama gathered with House and Senate Democrats in the Cabinet Room of the White House to “negotiate” health care. They no doubt grew alarmed as Scott Brown surged in the polls, but they seemed strangely unaware that their very actions  — meeting behind closed doors in a rump legislative conference from which Republicans were excluded — were fueling the outrage that would make possible a Brown victory.

Even worse, when asked the impact on health care by a Brown victory, they sketched out various scenarios, from not immediately seating Brown to passing the bill under reconciliation, requiring only 51 Senate votes. The unceasing message to Massachusetts voters was that their vote did not count.

The House and Senate health care bills are, of course, not popular with the public. Bad legislation is not enough, however, to make Tea Partiers take to the streets in every corner …

Martha Coakley Got A+ From ACORN

Coakley photoA June 12, 2008 press release from Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley ballyhoos the fact that she earned an “A+” from ACORN. Ironically, this perfect grade was awarded for “responding to the foreclosure crisis.” No single non-governmental entity is more responsible for the real estate meltdown than ACORN.

Coakley’s press release goes on to detail various prosecutions of shady subprime operators but, of course, there is not a word about any investigation or prosecution of ACORN.

ACORN’s role in the residential mortgage crisis, much of it driven by subprime lending, is no mystery.  Starting in the Seventies, ACORN saw the big banks as shakedown targets.  ACORN screamed “racism.” It accused mortgage lenders of “redlining,” or denying credit to borrowers in certain areas. It picketed the homes of bank directors in leafy suburbs.

A way out was offered to the banks. They could make contributions to ACORN and/or they could “invest” …

Boehm Blasts Mass. AG Coakley in Honorary Degree Flap

Coakley photoHillary Chabot reports in the Boston Herald today:

Attorney General Martha Coakley donned a cap and gown to receive an honorary law degree from Suffolk University as her office actively probed a school trustee for conflict of interest – and maintains she did not have to get ethics clearance first.

But Ken Boehm of the ethics watchdog agency National Legal and Policy Center blasted Coakley over the Suffolk honor: “By any ethical yardstick, that’s way over the line and it shouldn’t have happened. Anything of value received from someone under investigation is wholly inappropriate.”

The Herald story continues:

Coakley, widely viewed as a potential candidate for U.S. Senate and a strong backer of ethics reform, was awarded the honorary degree May 7, telling graduates, “If your reputation for integrity is impaired, set that diploma on fire.”

Suffolk spokesman Greg Gatlin said in a statement:

Attorney General Martha Coakley is