Loyd Manning

Controversial Boston Local under Spotlight for Possible Embezzlement at Airport Parking Garage

FBI and IRS agents searched the Logan Airport's Parking garage and interviewed at least 23 wrkrs. and mngrs. on Nov. 7, after being alerted to "discrepancies" in parking revenues. The wrkrs. at the garage are controlled by Local 25 of the Intl. Bhd. of Teamsters, already under investigation for a series of shakedowns and featherbedding in the movie-making industry, and whose president, George W. Cashman, is under indictment for union insurance fraud.

Mass. Port Authority CEO Craig P. Coy contacted fed. investigators after he was hired in April and discovered the "discrepancies," which were uncovered in a Dec. 2001 audit. The indicted boss, George W. Cashman, sat on the port authority bd. until forced to resign after his indictment in Jan. of this year. Coy, hired to reestablish public trust in the authority known as a haven for political patronage jobs, said he was asked to delay any actions of his own until after the grand jury investigation is complete. [Boston Globe 11/8/02, Boston Herald 11/9/02]

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