Knoxville Boss Gets 10 Months for $10,500 Embezzlement

On Feb. 11, ex-secretary-treasurer of United Steelworkers of Am. Local 35-8681 Donald G. Martin was sentence to five months at a half-way house and five months home detention. Martin was indicted on Mar. 21, 2001, on charges of embezzling $10,591 from the Knoxville-based local, making false entries in union records, and false reporting. Martin was found guilty on all counts by a jury on Oct. 10. In addition to the confinement, he was sentenced to three years of supervised release. He was also ordered to make restitution of $10,400 and pay $5,075 in special assessments. [DOL 2/11/02]

Probation for $3,800 Ohio Theft
U.S. Dist. Judge Paul D. Matia (N.D. Ohio, H.W. Bush) sentenced William A. Fast, ex-treasurer of United Steelworkers of Am. Local 1013-L (now part of Local 1-3059) in Sebring, Ohio, Feb. 12 to two years probation and fined him $1,000 for embezzling $3,893.71 from the local. Fast pled …