Jury Convicts Thug of Shooting Two Cops at Protest; Obama Justice Department Enabled Attack

barack-obama-eric-holder-loretta-lynchThe violence may be a memory, but there is now a welcome reminder of the consequences. Last Thursday, December 8, a St. Louis County, Mo. jury found a young black male, Jeffrey Williams, guilty on six criminal counts related to the malicious gun wounding of two unnamed police officers in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson in March 2015. The incident occurred during a street rally organized by the radical social media network, Black Lives Matter, to protest the shooting death of an “unarmed” black male, Michael Brown, by a white Ferguson cop the previous August. A grand jury months later had decided the evidence was insufficient to indict the officer, an announcement that triggered destructive rioting. Reprehensible as the rioting and shootings were, the Obama administration tacitly encouraged this behavior.

If any one event underscores the futility of achieving a ‘post-racial’ society in contemporary America, the death of Michael …

Ex-HI Union Chief Continues Legal Fight as Intl. Takes over State Affiliate

Lawyers for Ex-United Public Wrkrs. (UPW) chief Gary Rodrigues and his daughter asked a fed. judge to order an acquittal or a new trial on over 100 charges of embezzlement, of which the two were convicted in November.

But as Rodrigues’ lawyers charged fed. prosecutors with misconduct in the Rodrigues trial, the Amer. Fedtn. of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) took control of its state affiliate, the UPW, and suspended its bd. members and state officers. AFSCME officials took the action after Rodrigues, in violation of AFSCME orders, convened a bd. meeting after his conviction. Ignoring the wishes of local officials acting on AFSCME authority, the Bd. appointed Rodrigues’ choice of a temporary UPW director.

AFSCME officials then sent a delegation from their Washington. DC. headquarters to Honolulu, which placed the UPW under direct control of the Intl. on Dec. 5. [Honolulu Advertiser: 12/17/02, 12/6/02]

Ex-Ohio Treasurer Charged with