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Gov. Christie Vetoes New Jersey Project Labor Agreement Bill; Rebukes Unions

Gov. Chris ChristieNobody doubts for an instant that rebuilding the New Jersey coastline in the wake of Hurricane Sandy will be costly. But a little over two weeks ago Republican Governor Chris Christie took a step that should make it a good deal less so. On April 15, Christie vetoed a union-backed bill passed this winter by the legislature to expand the range of state-contracted construction requiring Project Labor Agreement (PLAs). Such agreements, drawn up between state/local governments and unions, require contractors to pay union-scale wages and benefits on large-scale public works projects. Unions love them because they effectively remove nonunion companies from competitive bidding. The general public doesn't make out as well.

Unions Push Project Labor Agreements for New Jersey Rebuilding

New Jersey Gov. Chris ChristieHurricane Sandy did about $30 billion of property damage to New Jersey communities late last October. And construction unions and their political supporters aren't about to let a good crisis go to waste. In mid-January the New Jersey Senate approved, by a 23-13 vote, fast-track legislation (S.2425/A.3679) to expand the range of projects eligible for inclusion under Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). Such agreements are pre-hire contracts that commit building contractors to hire union labor on large-scale projects. Increasingly common over the past two decades, the main achievement of PLAs has been to raise labor costs.

Green Tech Doesn't Need Taxpayer 'Investment'

Google logoPresident Obama said in his State of the Union speech last month that he would not “walk away from the promise of clean energy,” and according to a Politico report, he “doubled-down” on the promise by highlighting (more) commitments to federal grants and incentives for wind energy, solar power and natural gas vehicles in quasi-campaign speeches out West.

Union Bullies Shut Down Wisconsin Legislature

Wisconsin protestGovernment in Wisconsin, one probably has heard by now, is paralyzed. And the ultimate losers may be future generations of taxpayers. Last Thursday, February 17, up to 25,000 protestors, led by public-sector union officials, rallied in the state capital of Madison to intimidate legislators out of voting in favor of new Republican Governor Scott Walker's budget austerity plan, which includes major concessions from unions.

Will GM's Politicized Bankruptcy Become a Model for States?

man in barrelThe New York Times reported last week that policy makers are working behind the scenes on ways to allow states to declare bankruptcy. States are currently banned from seeking protection in federal bankruptcy court.

One has to wonder if General Motors' bankruptcy outcome will embolden lawmakers to pursue a similar course for states that are overburdened with pension obligations and municipal bond debt. In the case of the GM outcome, union pension obligations were given precedence over creditor claims. The precedents set by the Obama Administration's manipulation of GM's bankruptcy will continue to have far-reaching, negative implications.

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