Lloyd Blankfein Plays Dumb on Goldman Sachs Support for Jesse Jackson

Blankfein photoAt the Goldman Sachs annual meeting on Friday, I had an unplanned exchange with CEO Lloyd Blankfein about Goldman’s support of Jesse Jackson, who was at the meeting and kept popping up to speak. Jackson was acting adversarial toward Blankfein, even though Goldman Sachs is one of Jackson’s largest financial supporters.

In hopes of ending this charade, I asked Blankfein to clarify the relationship between Goldman and Jackson as that of donor and recipient. Blankfein said he didn’t know if Goldman supported Jackson. I challenged him by asking, “You do not know?” and “You give Jackson’s group six-figure sums and you don’t know about it?” Blankfein continued to play dumb, so I moved on to address our resolution asking for a report on the science behind Goldman’s embrace of global warming.

Of course, Blankfein is not dumb, just dishonest.

At the end of my remarks, Jackson approached me at the …