Group Home Employee in West Virginia Sues Union, Employer

The Service Employees International Union, now with 1.8 million members, arguably is this country’s fastest-growing labor union.  But there’s always room for more growth – even if it means breaking the law.  Walter Coeburn, an employee of ResCare, Inc., a nationwide chain of assisted-living centers, thinks the union and his employer have conspired to do just that.  On December 26, Coeburn, aided by attorneys from the National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation, filed unfair labor practice charges with the offices of National Labor Relations Board Region 11 in Winston-Salem, N.C.  The West Virginia resident alleges SEIU District 1199 and ResCare worked behind the scenes to force unionization upon company employees at various West Virginia and Ohio locations by way of an illegal “card-check” scheme.


Card-check agreements per se are not illegal, and indeed unions have employed them for years.  Labor officials