NLPC’s Anderson Scrutinizes Miami Football Story

Nevin Shapiro photoTom Anderson, director of NLPC’s Government Integrity Project, has raised questions about the recent Yahoo Sports exposé of the University of Miami football program. The explosive July 16 story by Charles Robinson has already led to suspensions by the NCAA of eight current Miami players.

Anderson does not argue that the players are innocent of NCAA rules violations, but cites evidence that current and former players may been targeted by Ponzi-schemer Nevin Shapiro (in photo) in order to direct blame away from other parties, including coaches. Anderson became involved in the issue due the overlap of this sports scandal with political corruption in south Florida.

Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock has highlighted some of Anderson’s criticisms of the original Yahoo/Robinson piece. For instance, one of Robinson sources is Shapiro’s ex-girlfriend who is unidentified because she is allegedly “afraid of reprisals from Miami football players.” Whitlock writes:

“Why didn’t Yahoo! ask