National Labor Relations Board

Rail and Airline Unions Push Congress to Maintain Voting Edge

Railroad trainIn any industry, one thing is certain about unions: They want members - the more, the better. Railroad and airline unions are no exceptions. Right now they are gearing up for a campaign to persuade Congress to rescind a provision in the House version of the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill (H.R.658), which passed last Friday. Title IX of the measure reverses last year's regulatory change by the three-member National Mediation Board - the entity that interprets the Railway Labor Act - that allows a union to win recognition without necessarily obtaining majority support.

Economist's Advice to Obama Carries a Union Label

Krugman photoPaul Krugman has become to print media what Keith Olbermann is to television:  a Left-leaning prince of darkness.  A professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton this decade, Krugman, now 56, has cultivated a recognizably caustic style of scoring points against free-market economics in theory and practice, especially in his New York Times op-ed and blog columns.  The problem is that as he’s become a public figure, he’s shed, or at least has kept well-hidden, his empirical sense.

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