VIDEO: Obama’s Ridiculous Fuel Economy Standards

NLPC Associate Fellow Mark Modica is interviewed on 9/5/12 about new vehicular fuel economy standards on the Fox Business Network. Host is Gerri Willis. Here is a transcript:

GERRI WILLIS: No summer blues for car dealerships. Consumers driving up August auto sales 20% higher from a year ago. But will the White House’s new fuel efficiency standards put the auto industry’s progress into reverse? With more, Mark Modica, Associate Fellow for the National Legal and Policy Center. Welcome back to the show, Mark, great to see you. I want to show folks these efficiency standards. They are sort of shocking. So, right now 29.7 miles per gallon is what is required. By 2016, two years from now. 35, by 2025, 54.5. What do you make of that?

MARK MODICA: Well, it is quite a jump, and it’s going to cost consumers. Estimates are that this will raise the prices …