Obama Withdraws Nomination of Paul Tiao for DOL Inspector General

As the Department of Labor’s top cop, Paul Tiao would have been uncomfortably close to the unions he would investigate. That’s why he didn’t get the job. Last Monday on May 9 President Obama withdrew Tiao’s name from consideration as DOL Inspector General (IG) rather than subject him to a Senate Judiciary Committee grilling or install him via one-year recess appointment. Critics had noted that Tiao, though an experienced federal and state prosecutor and most recently special counsel to FBI Director Robert Mueller, was more an ethnic politician than an efficiency manager. More than a decade ago he co-founded a heavily union-funded, if modest-sized political action committee. And that might not be the most disturbing aspect of his activism.

President Obama last May nominated Paul Tiao to head the Labor Department’s Office of Inspector General. It was a long wait until last week’s action – and with good reason. National

Labor Department IG Nominee Favors Immigrant Voting Rights; Co-Founded Union-Supported PAC

U.S. Department of Labor headquartersIf there is one position within the federal bureaucracy more than any other that requires impartiality it is Inspector General (IG). By law, the holder of this office must operate independently of his political beliefs. The nomination this past May of the next head of the Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General is putting this principle to the test. The Obama White House believes it has found the right man for the job in Paul Tiao. Yet Tiao, an experienced federal prosecutor, apparently holds the view that one need not be a U.S. citizen to be eligible to vote. Moreover, a little over a decade ago he co-founded a political action committee whose extensive union support might compromise his impartiality. When the Senate Judiciary Committee convenes after summer recess to consider the nomination, members should raise these issues as a matter of protecting public integrity.

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