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Prosecuting Clintons Should Be Law Enforcement Decision, Not Trump’s

By: | November 23, 2016

hillarylookingsmugThe Daily Signal included this reaction to President-elect Trump’s hints yesterday that he is backing away from further legal pursuit of the Clintons:

“It was a premature decision [not to continue investigating Clinton] because we don’t know what evidence on the email server or Clinton Foundation will emerge,” said Peter Flaherty, president of the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative watchdog group, told The Daily Signal.

“It shouldn’t be the call of the White House anyway, but should be left up to the new attorney general—and IRS commissioner—whether to investigate,” Flaherty continued, noting the IRS should look into the nonprofit status of the Clinton Foundation. “Prosecuting Hillary might seem like piling on from a political sense, but if she broke the law, this is a decision that should be left to law enforcement.”

NLPC has exposed through the media four separate instances of apparent pay to play involving the …

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Election Prompts More Aggressive Twitter Censorship

By: | November 22, 2016
Scott Adams - Twitter
Dilbert Creator Scott Adams

Donald Trump won the presidential election, but the complaints about social media companies’ bias against conservatives that marked the 2016 campaign have not abated.

The latest charge is the purge by Twitter of accounts managed by members of the so-called “alt-right,” which the company justified because of alleged hate speech, abuse and harassment in the sharply-divided political climate.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-sympathizing, Israel-hating Muslim Brotherhood received Twitter’s validation as a legitimate and acceptable account.…

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Unions Step Up Attack on Right to Work Legislation

By: | November 21, 2016

right-to-workFor decades, unions in America have asserted what they see as their right to extract dues from non-joining workers.  Lately, they’ve gotten creative in challenging state Right to Work laws that protect such workers.  Earlier this month they lost a ballot initiative in South Dakota to overturn that state’s longstanding law.  In Wisconsin the story was different.  Union leaders persuaded a county judge in April to overturn a similar law enacted last year at the urging of Gov. Scott Walker, though the State did manage to obtain a hold on the order.  And in West Virginia, labor chieftains in August won an injunction to suspend Right to Work legislation passed months earlier over Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto.  All this carries extra significance in the wake of the September death of Reed Larson, long the embodiment of the Right to Work principle.

Unions in this country often claim that employers …

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